Pet Unified Data Management & Microchip System


Advocacy : Free Rabies Philippines 2020
Policy : Compliance – Nationwide
Governance : Statutory Regulation, DA/BAI, DOH and LGUs
Scope : Rabies Control and Data, Loss Prevention and Recovery Management
Procedure : Permanent Identity (Microchip), Accessible Electronic Data
Audit : Continuous Improvement

PETDENTITY is a dedicated solution and a “FREE” Pets Data Management for Government to use. This will be a cloud base system that can be accessed by multiple users such as BAI, DOH, LGUs, Shelter House, Veterinary, Quarantine Section while the Mobile Application will be useful for LGUs, Authority, Shelter House, Quarantine Team and Pet Owners. The System will be deployed with the following attractive functions:

1.Web System (Primary Data)
Data / Records for DA/BAI and DOH report
LGUs Mass Vaccination Implementation Data
Found and Temporary Shelter Inquiry
Veterinary Data (Local and International)

2. Mobile Application (User’s Interface)
Owners on-hand 24/7 Pet information
Pet travel requirement
LGUs and other Authority Inspections

3. Pet Passport System (Optional)
TBA – Proper implementation to be discussed with BAI