It is such a pleasure to transcribe this message as an introduction of Petdentity Philippines Inc.

Petdentity, the Philippine’s first and largest dedicated National Pet Data Storage System upholds the Rabies-free Philippines 2020. In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Animal Industry, PhilAhis Department and Local Government Units, our vision is to eradicate rabies by imposing a system which stores owner and pet’s identification and tracks a continuous record of pet vaccination and medical history. Effectuating a sustainable, easy-access System which is free for all Filipinos is our core purpose.

There will be a substantial development in regulating and monitoring rabies in the Philippines upon the implementation of Petdentity System. Vast improvement in protecting public health will elevate as the significance of responsibility and accountability in pet ownership will be emphasized to every Filipinos, midst the millennial and those to come.

The presentation of Petdentity Philippines Inc. to the Philippines consequently comes at favorable time to serve its drive, purpose and goals and allows pet lovers to provide security and protection to their pets. Not only pets will benefit its value but it will also ameliorate the living standards of the public in general.

We are genuinely grateful to everyone who supports Petdentity Philippines Inc. and we look forward for more positive impact in animal welfare in the years to come.


January 17, 2018