Petdentity at Igorot Garden in Baguio City

The Igorot Garden in Baguio City came alive with wagging tails, happy barks and purring kitties as Petdentity, the leading pet identification service, joined forces with the local community to host a remarkable event promoting pet health and safety.

On a sunny but chilly weekend, locals and their beloved fur companions flocked to the Igorot Garden to take part in a dual mission – safeguarding their pets from rabies and ensuring their safety with microchipping. The event was a roaring success, fostering a sense of responsibility and care among pet owners.

Petdentity, with their microchipping technology, offered a reliable solution to pet parents worried about losing their furry family members. With the implantation of microchips, pets can be easily identified and reunited with their owners, even if they stray far from home.

The highlight of the event also was the free rabies vaccination provided to all attending pets. This not only bolstered the health of the four-legged attendees but also contributed to the overall safety and well-being of the community. The sight of veterinarians and volunteers working together to ensure each pet’s comfort and care was heartwarming, leaving a lasting impression on both pets and their owners.

Local pet owners expressed their gratitude for the event, emphasizing how it had empowered them to take proactive measures for their pets’ security. Many pets sported their brand-new Petdentity microchips, with owners beaming with pride as they spoke about the peace of mind this simple procedure had given them.

As the day drew to a close, the Igorot Garden echoed with stories of newfound awareness and connections.

The successful event, powered by the collaboration of Petdentity and the enthusiastic community of Baguio City, served as a shining example of how a shared love for animals can bring people together for a common cause. Through responsible pet ownership and innovative technologies, the event undoubtedly left an indelible pawprint on the hearts of all who participated.