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PETDENTITY is a dedicated solution and a “FREE” Pets Data Management for Government to use. This will be a cloud base system that can be accessed by  multiple users such as BAI, DOH, LGUs, Shelter House, Veterinary, Quarantine Section while the Mobile Application will be useful for LGUs, Authority, Shelter House, Quarantine Team and Pet Owners.





Getting youe pets micro-chipped is the best security you can give to them. Inquire to your nearest Local Government Unit, or Accredited Veterinary about Petdentity or let us help find veterinary services in your area.





It won’t hurt and just similar to a routine vaccination – The procedure is performed by a licensed veterinarian and is simple and similar to administering a vaccine or a routine shot. Although the microchip needle is larger than a typical vaccine needle, animals do not over react to it. Anesthesia is not required or recommended.

Complications from microchips are usually rare. The most common issue is some bleeding or bruising at the implantation site and this usually resolves quickly. Microchip is being used in many developed countries around the world for many years now. In US, UK, Europe, China and Singapore, Pet Microchip is mandatory.



Pet passport is an essential tool for Local and International pet travel, it is a compilation of Required documents. we suggest to have your Pet Microchipped, as it provides them Permanent Identity and is the no. 1 requirement in other countries.

Petdentity is the integration of the pet passport into the web system using the RFID microchip which is accessible to BAI – NVQSD for ease verification of pet information including the required vaccination of the destination country.


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