There is a strong mandate and legal framework of rabies eradication program in the Philippines. The National Rabies Prevention and Control Program empowered by the following;

The Anti Rabies Act of 2007 (R.A. 9482), R.A.8485, Department Orders and    local ordinances provide strong mandate for the prevention and control of rabies from the national to the local level.

BP 97 : Act of providing for Compulsory Immunization.

Executive Order No.84: Declaring March as the Anti-Rabies Awareness  Month

MOA on Inter agency Implementation of NRPCP: Signed May 1991- DA, DOH, DILG and DepEd.

Partner Organizations/Agencies

The following organizations/agencies take part in attaining the goal of the National Rabies Prevention and Control Program:

Department of Agriculture (DA)

Department of Education (DepEd)

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Animal Welfare Coalition (AWC)

BMGF Foundation

WHO/BMGF Rabies Elimination Project

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

Medical Research Council (MRC)